Episode 1

Warlock Episode 1 - A Voice in the Dark

Flashforward to end of episode.

Mendel: I’m sorry, I think I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the very beginning. Hello, and welcome! My name is Mendel Songleaf, and I will be your guide and narrator on this epic adventure. My legacy, Soundwave, allows me to create and record any sound from the past, which makes me the ideal historian! Today, we’re exploring the tale of Nova Ravenwood. We all know how it ends, but how did it begin? I will use my legacy to bring as many voices and sounds back to life, while filling in the gaps of what’s happening. Now, let’s dive right in to…

Nova: Hi Mendel! Mind if I sit in?

Mendel: Nova! Of course not. If fact, why don’t you get us started?

Nova: With pleasure. My name is Nova, and this is the story of how I became the first Warlock

Teacher: Long ago, the world was in chaos. War covered the land as nation battled nation, tribe against tribe. All seemed lost until: the ten dragons appeared. The Ten Dragons brought peace to the world using their magic as a way to guide and teach us. They chose to become human, to live among us, embracing us as their new family. When they died, they did not completely leave us, for their descendants became Sorcerers, individuals born from those dragon bloodlines. Humans, but with a dragon legacy. They formed the Ten Great Cities, beacons of light in the world…

...NOVA, are you paying attention?

Mendel: We begin our story at Oakvale Secondary School, Lost in her thoughts, Nova envisions the sorcerer she one day hopes to become, conjuring spells of immense strength and unlocking the secrets of the mystical arts. She is bright eyed, her lavender hair pulled up into two buns on the top of her head. She quickly snaps out of her dream and back to reality at the sound of her own name.

Nova: Yes, teacher!

Teacher: Then tell me, who founded Oakvale, our very own great city?

Nova: Rayna Tanwen, the Fire Dragon!

Teacher: Correct, now tell me what her legacy was.


Teacher: That’s enough for today, students. And remember, term ends this week, so if you wish to apply to the Sorcerer’s Academy, the entrance exam is tomorrow morning!

Nova (In her head): I just know this is the year my legacy activates, this is gonna be my year!

Mendel: Nova’s classmates were buzzing with excitement. Lyra, one of Nova’s friends, walked over to speak with her

Lyra: Nova! Are you going to the exam?

Nova: You know it! I’ve waited all year to apply to get in!

Balthazar: Ha, you have to have magic first!

Nova: Balthazar Boyles, Legacy: Toxic Spray

Mendel: Nova's classmate, Balthazar, catches her attention. Despite being shorter than Nova, he stands out with his eccentric appearance. His thick goggles magnify his eyes, giving him a curious, bug-eyed look. His blue bowl cut hair is neatly combed, adding to his already unique appearance.

Balthazar: You losers shouldn’t even bother showing up. I'm the only one with skills strong enough to get into the tower. Save yourself some embarrassment.

Nova: Oh yeah, when my legacy shows up tomorrow, it’s gonna blow you away, Balthazar. It just wasn’t ready last time!

Balthazar: Oh that is rich. Well I guess I'll see you at the trial then. Can't wait to witness this incredible power you've been hiding. 

Lyra: Don’t let him get to you, Nova, I’m sure you’ll do great!

Nova: Yeah, me too…

Lyra: Maybe we’ll both be in the same class! Hey, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Mendel: As Nova made her way home from school, a cloud of doubt weighed heavily on her mind. The sun was beginning to set, casting a warm golden light between the towering stone buildings of Oakvale's downtown. The Tower, home to the city's esteemed sorcerer academy, loomed over everything in sight. She stopped at her favorite dessert store on the way home to pick up her most beloved treat, Caramel custard.

Clerk: Good luck tomorrow, Nova!

Nova: Thanks, old man!

Mendel: Nova trudged towards the outskirts of town, her footsteps heavy with a sense of doubt. As she approached her family's humble cottage, the savory aroma of her mother's cooking wafted out to meet her. Despite the comforting scent, a somber expression still lingered on Nova's face as she opened the door and stepped inside.

Astrid: Welcome home, Nova!

Mendel: As the two savored their meal, they chatted about the events of their day. However, as the conversation went on, Astrid could sense that something was troubling her daughter. Nova seemed lost in thought, her eyes downcast, and her expression pensive. 

Astrid: Are you alright, Nova?

Nova: Oh, yeah, I’m fine.

Astrid: You’re thinking about the exam tomorrow, aren’t you?

Nova: I know my legacy hasn't activated yet, but it’s got to this year, right? They’ll understand! I can at least start classes so I’m not behind! 

Astrid: Nova, you’ve got to prepare yourself for the possibility you might not be accepted. You are such an incredible person, and I know you’ll shine wherever you go, but it just might not be as a sorcerer. 

Nova: I know, but I just want to make you proud. I want to be like Dad, and Magnus.

Astrid: I’m already proud of you and I know your father and brother would be too if they could see what a wonderful young woman you’ve become.

Nova: They’re still out there, Mom. They’ll see, someday.

Astrid: I hope you’re right, but magic took them away from us and I just don’t want it to take you from me, too.

Nova: No matter what happens, I’m never going anywhere.

Astrid: I know, I just love you so much. Now, let’s dig into that caramel custard!

Proctor: Next entry please. 

Mendel: As the sun rose over the tower, the great hall bustled with nervous energy. The exam proctor, a slender middle-aged man with sharp eyes and a no-nonsense demeanor, stood at the front of the room ready to conduct the interviews.

Nova: Here, I’m here.

Proctor: Ah, Ms. Ravenwood, this should be quite simple for you if you’re anything like your brother. Please demonstrate your legacy. 

Nova: Well, that’s the thing...it...hasn’t manifested yet.

Proctor: And you are how old?

Nova: ….15

Proctor: Although on occasion people manifest at later ages, the average sorcerer can use magic by the age of 10. 

Nova: Wait, I’m just a late bloomer! Please, I swear it’ll happen any day! I don’t want to have to wait a whole year to try again. Please.

Proctor: We might be willing to make an exception if you are able to cast a spell of at least first level or above. Can you do that at least?

Nova: I was, I was hoping that if I enrolled, someone might be able to help me use magic. I know I can, somehow.

Proctor: I’m sorry, Ms. Ravenwood, but I’m afraid we just can’t admit you. Without a legacy or the ability to cast spells, you have no future as a sorcerer. Maybe try again next year. Or maybe look at a trade school. Good luck. Next!

Mendel: Defeated, Nova walked out the large gate and back towards the city. She passed students celebrating their acceptance, and some sulking in disappointment. A familiar face approached her.

Balhazar: Hey Novva, sorry to hear you didn’t get in this year, I guess they need to weed out the trash from the stars, right? (Or something like that)

Nova: Wait, you got accepted? (In her mind): That’s totally not fair, he’s such a dweeb. (anime growl)

Bal: Yep! You’re looking at the future star of Class Blue. Who knows, I might end up being a member of the Five Pillars. 

Kira, entering: Poor little Nova, so sorry to hear you didn’t make it, but they can’t just let anyone in. Not everyone can have such talents.

Mendel: Kira Bloodthorn! Legacy: Human Puppet. Kira, one of Nova’s classmates and former childhood friend approached with confidence, wearing a sleek new sorcerer uniform. She had dark hair and olive skin, as well as piercing violet eyes.

Nova: I’m not in the mood, Kira. Just leave me alone. And take your snot nosed classmate with you. You two seem to be perfect matches.

Kira: Oh please, just because I’m stuck with Balthazar the next three years, doesn’t mean I have to like him.

Nova: Maybe it's better I don’t have a legacy, you’ve only been a jerk ever since you got yours. 

Kira: (To herself) Ooo, this might be the perfect opportunity to kick her while she’s down. (Out loud) You know, I heard a rumor that the dragon shrine has the power to manifest legacies, maybe you should try going up there tonight. You never know!

Nova: I just need to go to the dragon shrine? Yes! That’s it! What do I need to do?

Bal: The dragon shrine? But...

Kira: Shh shh, don’t tell EVERYONE about it, we don’t want everyone and their mother getting a legacy, do we? (To herself) I guess she hasn’t heard the rumor that it's haunted. This is too perfect! (Outloud) All I know is you need to visit at night and talk to the statue. Good luck, little Nova!

Bal: Oh, haha, yeah, good luck, I’m sure you’re gonna need it.

Nova: The dragon shrine, huh? I guess I’ve got nothing to lose.

Mendel: As night fell, Nova set out on the dark path leading out of the city towards the dragon shrine. The pathway was narrow and winding, with shadows lurking at every turn. As she drew closer, the outline of the shrine came into view - a crumbling monument to a long-forgotten past. The only two remaining dragon statues stood sentry on either side of a central figure - a worn stone statue of a woman that had weathered the passage of time.

Nova: That must be Rayna, the red dragon in her human form.

Mendel: She hesitated as she reached the perimeter of the shrine. A cool wind blew a shiver up her spine.

Nova: C’mon Nova, you can do this. It’s just a creepy old shrine in the middle of nowhere in the dark. 

Lady: Turn back

Nova: (Scream) Who’s there?

Lady: Turn back, or you’ll die.

Nova: What, are you going to kill me?

Lady: Why? Are you delicious?

Nova: Who...who are you?

Lady: A ball of fire hidden by the sun.

Nova: ...Rayna.?

Lady: HA! You’d compare me to that virtuous fool? No, I’m nothing like her. You humans think you know so much, but you know nothing. Why are you here?

Nova: I heard this shrine might give me power.

Lady: Power? I don’t think you can handle the power I have. Many have tried and none have been worthy. 

Nova: Please, help me. I’ll do anything, all my life I've dreamed of being a sorcerer. To be like my father, my brother. To make the Ravenwood family proud.

Lady: Ha, THAT’S why you want to be a sorcerer? Pathetic. (thinks, “Hmm...Ravenwood. Where have I heard that name before?”

Nova: What does it matter to you, you’re not going to help me, are you?

Lady: You certainly have an attitude, don't you? It’s not up to me, I can only be freed by one person and one alone. “One with a giving heart and a thief’s hands”. Those are the conditions of my imprisonment.

Nova: I’ve never stolen anything! Well, ok, there was that one time when I was six in the sweet shop, but I’ve regretted it every day of my life!

Mendel: Nova felt a chill run down her spine as the gargoyles behind her began to move. She turned to face them just in time to see their stone bodies shift and groan with an eerie grinding sound. The creatures towered over her, their eyes glowing with red light. Nova stood frozen in fear, her heart pounding in her chest.

Lady: His guard dogs are waking up, you’ve lingered here too long. I told you, you’d die if you spoke to me.

Nova: I thought you were just trying to be scary!

Mendel: Nova froze as the stone dragons fixed their gaze on her, their eyes glowing in the dim light. Without warning, the creatures leapt down from their perches with a deafening roar, their wings beating a furious rhythm as they approached her. Nova backed away, her heart racing as the dragons closed in.

Nova: Help me!

Lady: Touch the statue, I’ll lend you my power! But it will come with a price, if you are able to receive it.


Nova: I won’t let it end here. I have so many things I want to do. I have to try, or else I’ll die!

Mendel: Nova’s hands pressed against the cold stone. She immediately felt a warmth on her skin, like the light of the sun bathing her in its brilliance. A beam of white hot energy shot into the air. The city of Oakvale was illuminated.

Messenger: Lord Xarion! Something is happening at the Dragon Shrine!

Mendel: Xarion rushed to his window of the Tower, the light of the shrine warming his red skin.

Xarion: The Dragon Shrine? (Thinking) It’s just like that night. 

Mendel: The gargoyles drew closer and closer, their stone maws opening to reveal their sharp teeth.

Lady: Now, girl, use it now.

Nova: I don’t know how!

Lady: Put your hands out and use it.

Nova: Someone help me!

An explosion. Silence 

Nova: What...what happened?

Xarion: Huh, looks like you had everything under control. I should have known a sorcerer was up to something out here.

Nova: A…..sorcerer? 

Mendel: Nova looked up to see a red skinned man with horns peering down at her. He was wearing a uniform, a robe from the sorcery academy

Xarion: C’mon, we need to have a little chat.

Nova: Wait, is that…the Devil of Oakvale.

Xarion: Haha, you can call me that, or you can just call me Xarion. And we’ve met before, I’m sad I didn’t make a bigger impression on you! Well, you were pretty young. It’s a little chilly out here, let’s take this back to the tower, shall we?

Mendel: Xarion snapped his fingers and the two of them were instantly transported back to the Tower.

Nova: Wait, how did we just? Oooo, I feel nauseous. 

Xarion: Sorry, bad habit, should have warned you. Now, have a seat, Nova.

Mendel: Xarion sits Nova down in his office. It’s a cavernous room filled with walls of books. A small pseudodragon is perched on his desk, her small eyes studying Nova.

Xarion: So, why don’t you tell me how a student who failed her exam this morning was able to demonstrate incredible power just a few hours later?

Nova: Well, I um...I guess my legacy activated a little late! 

Xarion: Deception isn’t your strong suite.

Nova: I’m sorry I destroyed those statues! I didn’t mean to! I’m not in trouble, am I?

Xarion: Nova, calm down, I just want to know how you managed to do it! I mean, if you would prefer that I bring your new abilities up with the Headmaster…

Nova: OK, I don’t have any power! That wasn’t me.

Xarion: It was her, wasn’t it? A voice in the dark.

Nova: Yes! Wait, how did you know?

Xarion: Oh, you’re not the first person to try and take her power, it seems she doesn’t give it up willingly. So I’m curious what makes YOU so special.

Nova: I don’t know. I don’t even think I know how to use it.

Xarion: That’s why I’m going to be your instructor. Classes start next week and I think you’ll make a fine addition to this academy.

Nova: But you said, I already failed my entrance exam.

Xarion: You’re not going to let something as trivial as that stop you enrolling, are you?

Nova: Even though the power isn’t my own?

Xarion: Make it your own. And don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Just make sure you have a good story for that tattoo.

Nova: Tattoo?

Mendel: It was then that Nova noticed a tattoo on her right hand, a sun symbol with three rings on her wrist. (Feel free to tweak this)

Nova: This power might not be mine...but I’ll use it until I don’t need it anymore!

Xarion: Ha, good answer. Welcome to Class Red

Mendel: As the dust settled on the dragon shrine, a dark figure emerged from the shadows, his tattered sorcerer uniform flapping in the breeze. He wore a moonstone mask over his face, which seemed to glow with an otherworldly light. The figure stood there for a moment, his eyes fixed on Oakvale, before disappearing back into the darkness as quickly as he had come.

Nova: Next time, on Warlock: After showing off some new magic, it’s time for orientation at the Tower. And of course, to meet the students of Class Red!

Ren: Who’s that handsome hunk in the cape!

Nova: Meet Ren, Meathead or Mystery. Next time on Warlock.