Episode 2

Warlock Episode 2

Flashback to last episode 

Nova: In a world of sorcerers, only those born with magic bloodlines can use magic. But all of that is about to change! My name is Nova, and this is the story of how I became the first Warlock!

Music starts, sounds of Nova running out the door

Nova: Bye Mom!

Astrid: Be careful today, Nova! And don’t forget your breakfast!

Nova (VO): Today’s the day.

Old Man: I heard you were accepted, congratulations!

Nova: Thank you!

Nova (VO): Today is the day my training begins. All my life I’ve dreamt of becoming a sorcerer, and just two days ago, I got my wish. There’s just one problem, I have no idea how to use my new power. But I’m determined to push forward!

Mendel: In the early morning light, Nova rushed out the door to meet Xarion at the Tower. Official orientation began the next day, but Nova needed a crash course on her powers. After all, she had just acquired them, and she would be in a class with students who’ve had theirs for years.

Xarion: Good morning! Hope you slept well, you’re going to need all the energy you’ve got!

Nova: Episode Two - Meet Ren: Meathead or Mystery

Mendel: The training field just outside the Tower was filled with upperclassmen honing their skills. A large grass lawn perfect for even the most explosive of legacies.

Xarion: Now, before we get started, tell me what you know about magic. Not just common knowledge, but how it really works.

Nova: Well, I know it has something to do with Myst, right? I’ve read all about it.

Xarion: Exactly. Myst, or Mystic Energy, is the power source for all sorcerers. Now, there is a difference between Myst and Legacies. You need Myst to use a Legacy, but you can have Myst without a Legacy, too. It’s rare, but possible for a sorcerer to be born with only Mystic Energy.

Nova: But, without a legacy, how can they perform magic? 

Xarion: There are some techniques that all sorcerers can learn regardless of legacy, like shield, or mage hand. We’ll get into that later, you need to prioritize. Your peers have had years to learn how to focus and mold their myst, you don’t have that luxury. 

Nova: So what do I have to do?

Xarion: When you used her power for the first time, what were you thinking? What were you feeling in that exact moment?

Nova: I was about to be eaten, I think fear!

Xarion: Fear, well that’s an easy one!

Mendel: Xarion grabbed Nova’s shoulder and snapped his fingers. In an instant, the two of them were thousands of feet about Oakvale, freefalling.


Xarion: This seemed like a pretty easy way to scare you! Would you say it’s working?


Xarion: This might be a little extreme, but try to use the power now.


Xarion: You’re right, maybe we should start a little slower.

Mendel: Xarion grabbed her hand and snapped his fingers once again to bring them safely back to the training field.

Xarion: Sorry about that, you alright?

Nova: You know what, I don’t want to be a sorcerer anymore.

Xarion: Oh come on, everything was under control.


Ren: Hey! Can you clam it! Some of us are trying to study!

Mendel: Nova hadn’t noticed him until that moment, but a young man was resting up against a tree on the outskirts of the field. A book was covering his eyes as a sunshade.

Xarion: I thought that was him, looks like you might get to meet one of your classmates a day earlier. Ren, come on over and meet Nova:

Ren: zzzzzzzzzz *snoring, already asleep again*

Mendel: The young man had already placed the book back over his face to continue...studying.

Xarion: Well, you two will become acquainted soon enough. 

Mendel: Xarion’s mind wandered to the moment when he met his class for the first time.

Xarion: You don’t remember me, but your brother and I were in Class Red together 10 years ago.

Nova: Wait, you knew Magnus? Then, my dad was your teacher!

Xarion: That’s right. Your father was a great man. And your brother, he was the best of them all. A true prodigy.

Nova: Not a day goes by where I don’t think of them. I don’t remember them that well, mostly from what my mom says about them. She still admires them so much, I just want to make her proud. 

Xarion: Oh, I’m sure she’s already proud of you.

Nova: She’ll be the only one if I can’t get this legacy to work.

Xarion: Try it again, this time at me.

Nova: At you? What if it works and I hit you with it.

Xarion: Don’t worry, you can’t hurt me, not even if you used 100% of it like last night!

The Lady and Nova: YOU’RE A COCKY ONE, AREN’T YOU?

Mendel: Nova quickly put her hand over her lips. The voice came from her mouth, but she didn’t say the words

Nova: I’m sorry, that wasn’t….I didn’t say that.

Xarion: How interesting, looks like she did more than just give you her power.

Nova thinking: Why are you here? Why aren’t you still at the shrine? 

Lady: I told you, the pact is sealed, it’s one of the conditions of you gaining my power.

Nova thinking: What are the other conditions?

Lady: Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.

Xarion: Are you speaking to her?

Nova: Uh, yes, in my head.

Xarion thinking: I’ll have to keep an eye on that, we don’t know what her intentions are just yet.

Nova: What should I do?

Xarion: Focus on your training! Now, try to hit me with your power. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

Mendel: Nova put her hands out in front of herself, aiming at Xarion. She focused her mind on the brilliant light she used before. All she could see in her head was the searing beam of energy, but nothing happened.

Nova: It’s no use! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

Timmory: Maybe you just need a sparring partner!

Mendel: Timmory Bolton. Legacy: Lightning Breath

Timmory: Sorry to interrupt, but I couldn’t help but overhear, you’re kind of loud.

Nova: Insulting someone isn’t a great way to make a good first impression.

Timmory: Stand back, Lord Xarion, maybe a few attacks coming her way will help her use her legacy! LIGHTNING BREATH!

Mendel: Timmory inhaled deeply and let out a breath of pure electricity. It danced around Nova, striking the ground around her.

Nova: Hey, wait, stop him!

Xarion: We’ve tried everything else, might as well see if this works!

Nova: You’ve tried two things!

Timmory: Don’t look at him, look at me! Here’s another one!

Mendel: Nova began to run, dodging bolts of lightning as she headed towards the trees.

Nova: C’mon Legacy! WORK!

Mendel: A bolt of lightning arced toward Nova’s head just as she began to turn around. She quickly ducked out of the way. The stray shot found purchase, however, on the book covering the eyes of that sleeping young man under the tree. The book quickly burst into flames, leaving a small pile of ash on his face.

Timmory: *still to nova*  Well you’re good at dodging at least. Now this time try-


Mendel: Nova quickly turned and finally saw the young man fully. He stood around 6ft tall with yellow and black hair styled into a pompadour. Every muscle in his body looked incredibly toned, and his arms were wrapped with bandages or tape. He wore standard issue school uniform pants; however, he was completely shirtless. Instead of a shirt, all that adorned his upper body was a long flowing black cape with gold trim. The cape billowed behind him dramatically as he slowly started to walk towards Timmory.

Ren: You’ve gone and interrupted my beauty sleep! I hope for your sake it was for something important!

Nova: ummm…Who is that?

Mendel: Xarion did not answer but simply motioned for her to watch.

Timmory: (nervous) uh uh look man it was nothing personal. I was just trying to teach her how to fight better!!!

Ren: OH! So it’s a fight you want!!! 

Mendel: He starts to crack the knuckles in both of his hands as well as cracking his own neck, filling the air with menacing crunches.

Ren: Then allow me to tag in!

Timmory: ugh you know I was actually thinking I need to-

Ren: Lemme tell you how this is gonna go, first I’m gonna kick the crap out of ya, then you apologize and run away. Got it?

Timmory: WAIT!


Mendel: Ren formed one of his hands into a claw shape that began to crackle with electricity, and then with the force of a punch, slammed it into Timmory’s gut.

Nova: WHAT IS GOING ON?!?     

Xarion: That’s Ren, one of your new classmates.

Mendel: Ren Deserthorne! Traid Legacy! He is able to command a trio of elements; ice, fire, and lightning. 

Xarion: He already has a strong legacy, but what makes him particularly special is how he limits his own abilities. Instead of casting in a more traditional form, he instead uses Myst to enhance his physical attacks. Mainly his fists. 

Nova: Woaaaaah…. Why doesn’t he have a shirt on?

Xarion: He’s just like that. 

Mendel: after three back to back hits from Ren’s taser grip, Timmory collapses on the ground in agony.


Mendel: Ren stands above him and puts his foot on Timmory’s face. 

Ren: HEY ASSHOLE! You’re apologizing to me, not her. You ruined my nap, now get lost.

Mendel: In a dramatic fashion Ren turns away from the fight, sending his cape out behind him. Xarion waves him over to their group.

Xarion: Nicely done Ren, though you could have pulled a few punches.

Ren: Look if someone is looking for a fight then they get one. I don’t care who it is, a fight is a fight.

Xarion: Fair enough, though I still better check on his wounds. While I’m gone, meet your new classmate Nova! She is new to sorcery so maybe you can give her a few pointers.

Mendel: Xarion quickly leaves the two students alone to check on Timmory, leaving Nova alone with a walking tank.

Nova (internally): oh my god why is he so tall are we really in the same class how is he my age is he my age why isn’t he wearing a shirt but that cape is really cool i guess i would only wear a cape if i could oh shit he's still staring at me say something cool nova come on just say somethi-

Ren: *after silence from Nova, who is clearly freaking out* Sigh Look kid, i'm not gonna hurt ya. Why don't you just show me what you got.

Nova: HI IM NOVA IM 15

Ren: Good for you, show me what you got.

Nova: Errr... um.. Alright well.... The thing is... I can’t. I don’t know how to use this power on my own, we tried fighting, Xarion dropped us FROM THE SKY, seriously I thought I was gonna die, but it’s just not working like it did before.

Ren: alright lemme stop you there. I don't do well with all that technical mumbo jumbo. Just try to hit me with what you've got and we can go from there.

Nova: I tried that already, with Xarion. I just can’t summon this power...

Ren: Summon? Tsk, you're never gonna get anywhere that way.

Nova: What? What do you mean?

Ren: Listen, you're apparently still of the opinion that this power is some sort of gift or tool for you to use. 

Nova (internally): yeah, there’s a lady in my head who gave me this power, it's literally not mine.... But I can’t tell HIM that...

Ren: But it aint. Myst is energy, it always exists, you shouldnt be trying to “summon” it like some kinda rabbit in a hat. It’s already a part of you. All you gotta do is shape it. 

Nova: I was looking for something a little less abstract and more concrete

Ren: psh Alright i've seen enough.

Mendel: with a swoosh of his cape, Ren returns to his shady spot under the tree.

Ren: *while getting cozy* Lemme know when you actually wanna get serious *stretching noises*

Nova: Gah! What a load of HELP that was! Glad I understand Myst now... (aside) All I’ve ever wanted is within my reach and I can’t even use this power...

Mendel: Before Nova has time to think about Ren’s advice a familiar pair of voices rings out from across the field.

Kira: Well, I had to see it to believe it.


Nova: oh PERFECT 

Mendel: Balthazar and Kira stand at the edge of the field. They too are already sporting their new school uniforms.

Balthazar: How did this happen! There is no way they would just let some nobody like you in!

Kira, thinking: That damn shrine actually worked? They told me it was just to scare her!

Balthazar: There is no way! I refuse to believe it. In fact I'll prove it! If you really did get your legacy hit me with it! I won't defend, just show me what you've been hiding.

Nova *internal*: ugh this could not get worse. Whatever, even if I could use my power on him, I don't really wanna hurt these guys. Even though they do get on my nerves.

Balthazar: HA! I knew it! This is probably just your father using his power to influence the school to let in his powerless little girl. What a corrupt man!

Nova ANGY...

Nova *internal*: THAT'S IT I'M BLASTING HIM! Ok what did that meathead say?

Ren *miniflash back vo*: Myst is energy, it's always there. It's already a part of you. 

Nova *internal*: It’s already there huh?

Mendel: Nova began to turn her presence and attention inward. She suddenly discovered this presence covering her whole body. Like a small electric hum pulsing over her. 

Nova *internal: (excited) I can feel it! It’s always there! I just have to shape it.

Nova: (to Balthazar) Don't you dare speak about my father that way, you parasite! 

Mendel: Nova’s eyes began to glow as a radiant beam came screaming from Nova’s palm. The blast barely misses Balthazar but he and Kira are caught up in part of the explosion.

Kira: *coughing* How in the hell did you get such power?! I demand you- eep!

Mendel: The bully’s words are cut short as a tall figure suddenly looms behind Nova, high over her head.

Ren: (with a smile) Not bad Twinkles, now lemme help you deal with these creeps.

Mendel: At that moment, they all felt their ears being tugged, simultaneously. A spectral, floating hand had a first grasp on all of them.

Headmaster: That’s enough, no unauthorized sparing on the training field. Where is your instructor?

Mendel: NAME - Legacy: Strength of 1000 Fists

Xarion: Hey Boss! Sorry, I was trying some unconventional teaching.

Mendel: The Headmaster was a tall, slender woman, her hair pulled back into a tight bun. A streak of silver ran through the otherwise dark shade. She wore rose tinted sunglasses that rested on her sharp nose as she peered down at Nova. Around her neck was a long pelt scarf. For a moment, Nova could swear she saw two beady eyes peek out from behind the fur

Headmaster: All of your teaching is unconventional. Mrs. Ravenwood, glad to see you will be joining us this year. Same goes to you young master Deserthorn. Though I hope this incident isn’t a sign of things to come.

Nova: Not at all, sorry, Headmaster.

Headmaster: You two, run along.

Bal: Yes, Headmaster.

Kira: Yes, Headmaster. This isn’t over, Little Nova

Headmaster: Now, Xarion, if we can please keep the chaos to a minimum this year. Where is your third?

Xarion: We’re heading out to get her tomorrow. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in time for class.

Headmaster: Quite. On your way then. And no more...explosions.

Xarion: Ren, you seem like you’ve got this under control, why don’t you take over for the day. I’ve got to take care of a few things before we head out of town tomorrow. Meet me at the Drunken Goblin at 7 pm sharp. We’ll get some rest then head out at first light. And bring a change of clothes. Later!

Mendel: And with a snap of his fingers, Xarion was gone. 

Mendel: Nova stands in silence for a while, unsure how to process what just happened. But this moment of peace was quickly shattered as Ren punched her square in the arm.

Nova: OOOOWW! What was that for???

Mendel: But the look in Ren’s eyes was one of giddy excitement.

Ren: That was amazing Kid

Nova: (aside) pretty sure we are the same age...somehow

Ren: Why didn't you tell me you had such a fighting spirit!

Nova: I didn't even know I had one until you came along! How can I repay you?


Ren: Ha now that I know what youve got, there is only one thing I want, A fight! Hit me with your-

*Loud stomach growling*

Mendle: The duo suddenly realized that they were starving and decided to break for lunch. Nova pulled out her home packed lunch and was about to dig in when she noticed what Ren was pulling out of his bag.

Mendel: Ren was slowly unwrapping what looked like an expertly made to go lunch. Wrapped in a handkerchief, the box housed a delicious looking meal of seared salmon laid over a bed of fried rice. The smell alone sent Nova into a bit of a frenzy 

Nova: (mouth watering) H-hey… what..what do you have there?

Ren: Oh this? This is just some fish I cooked the other day. Teach agreed to put a preservation spell on it so it always tastes fresh. All I had to do was give him some.

Nova: Can...can I have some?

Ren: That depends? whatta ya got to trade for some?

Nova (internal): Crap! All I've got is some crappy cookies I made the other day! They are nothing compared to his masterpiece! 

Nova: uhhh, how about some delicious homemade cookies?

Ren: Deal! This is perfect! I never could get the hang of baking!


Nova: You've got an incredible power! It seems like you are a natural.

Ren: Yeah I am pretty good huh? But nature aint got nothing to do with it, it's all my master.

Nova: (in awe) you have a master? That's so cool!

Ren: Yeah, my grandpa! I inherited my Mom’s legacy but she died while I was still young. So I learned everything from him! He basically raised me. 

Nova: Oh yeah didn't the Headmaster call you something? Deserthorne? Is that your family name

Mendel: A more serious look suddenly washed over Ren’s cheery face

Ren: Look I don’t have anything to do with them anymore ok? Just call me Ren, that's all the name I need.

Nova: oh! Well ok! Also I've been meaning to ask, why don't you wear a shirt?

Mendel: With a loud burp, Ren stood up.

Ren: ah! Alright enough chit chat. We've gotta make it so you can fire off that little light show of yours without even blinking. I'm gonna work you so hard that your lungs are gonna feel like they've been set on fire!

Nova: YEAH! Wait what?

Mendel: And without another word Ren began training Nova in the ways of Myst. They trained the rest of the day, only breaking when Nova was on the verge of passing out.

Ren: Hmm, sun’s going down. We better head to the Tavern if we wanna meet Teach on time. I guess that means we are done for the day.

Nova (maybe dying): (weak) hooray… though there may be one problem… I don't know if I can stand up again…

Mendel: Ren flashed a smile, and with one motion scooped Nova up and put her on his back. 

Ren: Hang on tight, if you let go I’m not picking you up again

Mendel: As the light began to fade the duo headed off into town. And though Nova felt like her arms were about to fall off, she knew that today she had started to truly master this power… and maybe even more importantly, made a new friend. That night, in the woods outside of town, Kira met with the man with the Moonstone mask. He towered over her.

Kira: You told me it was just going to scare her! I didn’t know that damn shrine would actually give her powers!

Moon: It’s none of your concern what happens, only that you do as you're told. You want this, right?

Mendel: The hulking figure held up a red stone mask, a ruby face in the moonlight.

Kira: Fine, what do I need to do now?

Nova: Next time on Warlock! Class Red hits the road to meet their final classmate, but is Nova ready to use her legacy when she really needs it?

Briar: This episode and this class are so not up to standard. Could use someone who actually knows what they’re doing.