Episode 3

Warlock Episode 3

Flashback to last episode

Nova: Long ago, the world was at war, but the Ten Dragons arrived and changed everything. They brought peace to the world, and gave us the gift of magic. Those who can use that magic are called sorcerers, descendants of draconic bloodlines. But all that is about to change. My name is Nova, and this is the story of how I became the first Warlock!

Mendel: After a difficult day of training, an exhausted Nova and Ren finally reached the Tavern. The night had just begun, but drunken revelers were already stumbling out the front door. 

Nova: Umm.. Why did Xarion have us meet HERE, exactly?

Ren: Well it is a popular spot, but Teach has asked to meet up here the last three nights I’ve been here. So I think it has more to do with the food… He orders this meat pie every time. Personally I think it needs more Seasoning but he goes nuts for it. 

Nova: Are we even allowed inside without an adult?

Xarion: 6:34, you’re early! I knew I liked you two.

Mendel: Xarion had appeared behind them in an instant.

Xarion: Cmon, let's head on in, you two need to get some rest! You know what they say, the best adventures always start in a tavern! Plus the food here is INCREDIBLE.

Mendel: Xarion opened the door and ushered the two of them in. They were immediately met with the sound of tavern songs, rowdy patrons, and some of the most delicious smells Nova had ever experienced.

Nova: Wow, if the food is as good as it smells, I can understand why we’re here.

Mendel: Nova noticed something interesting as she stepped inside. Oakvale was a city with a mostly human population, but the tavern was filled with denizens of all races. When it was the three of them, Xarion stuck out like a sore thumb with his crimson skin and horns. But here, no one even batted an eye.

Xarion: Have a seat, I’m going to order some food. Don’t even look at the menu, just trust me on this!

Mendel: Without another word Xarion scurried over to the bar. Ren immediately sat down in the nearest chair and propped his feet up on the table.

Ren: *sigh* Nothing like a good meal after a hard day’s work.

Mendel: They had only been sitting for a few seconds before their presence caught the attention of an ogre, who trodded over to their table

Grumble: Hey Tumble, check it out, a new sorcerer!

Mendel: From behind him, an orc stepped away f rom the bar.

Tumble: Another one, Grumble? This one’s so puny.

Nova: I’m actually average height for my age, I think you’re just big... Um.. Hi, I’m Nova?

Grumble: Nova, huh? Well, Nova, when some hot shot new sorcerer comes into OUR tavern, we only got one question.

Mendel: The two loomed over Nova as she nervously looked up at them.

Their demeanor changes from intimidating to overly enthusiastic 

Grumble: What's your legacy?

Tumble: How many push ups can you do?

Grumble: What’s your favorite dessert?

Nova: Astral, five, caramel custard... and that was three questions.... Did I pass?

Tusk: You idiots, out of my way, That one and I have a score to settle.

Mendel: A wereboar pushed Grumble and Tumble out of the way to have a seat across from Ren.

Ren: hmm? Ah I see you've recovered from last time, Tusk. You sure you're ready for another thrashing?

Tusk: The first two times you got lucky. There is no way I'm losing to some brat 3 times in a row.

Mendel: Ren extended his arm over the table, placing it in an arm-wrestling position.

Tusk: No tricks, no legacies. Just a pure test of muscle!

Ren: Oh? You sure about that big guy? I want you to at least have a chance!

Tusk: (angry) LET'S DANCE PUNK

Mendel: Tusk began to show strain as he tried to lay Ren's hand flat onto the table. But Ren looked like he hadn't even broken a sweat. And with a yawn Ren exclaimed.

Ren: You done?

Mendel: And almost effortlessly Ren slammed Tusk’s hand to the table surface.

(sounds of cheers and laughter)

Tusk: I can’t believe it, how is there so much strength in such a little guy?


Tusk: Heh, if you got beef maybe we should take our contest outside for a real sparing match

Ren: Ah finally you’re showing some real meddle. Whatta ya say Nova? If me and you take on all three of them it might almost be a fair fight hehehe.

Nova: (internal) ...oh please god no I can barely move from training… Xarion...anyone please save meeeeeeeee.

Selina: Hey, morons! Leave them alone; they look exhausted.

Mendel: A woman sitting at the end of the bar yelled at the three oafs without even looking up from her pint. She had a hood up over her head,  but Nova couldn’t help but notice two furry ears poking out the top. Black fur with smokey gray tips. She was wearing a sorcerer’s uniform, but it looked like it hadn’t been washed in weeks.

Nova: Also... we’re children.

Grumble: (looking at Ren) I’d believe she is a child, but how old are you exactly, Ren?

Ren: What’s that supposed to mean! You sayin I look like some old geezer!!!

Mendel: But before another shouting match could begin Xarion walked back over to the table with a tray full of food.

Xarion: Dinner is served! There’s plenty, dig in! Make sure you try the steak and ale pie, it’s world famous. And another beer for the cat at the end of the bar.

Nova: Can... Can we have ale?

Ren: Ha! Don't worry twinkles, the alcohol cooks off and just leaves the flavor, though not enough flavor if you ask me...


Selina: Nice job bringing some kids into a tavern, Xar (Zair), some real grade A teaching!

Mendel: She turned around to jeer at Xarion, and to Nova’s surprise, she had a human face.

Xarion: Good to see you, too, Selina. I’ll buy the next round of milk, too!

Selina: Go back to hell, Xarion!

Nova: This is the best thing I have ever smelled.

Xarion: It’s the best food for miles! As you can see, people come from all over just to get a meal. Now dig in!

Everyone: Thank you for the meal!

Mendel: The three sat down and enjoyed their delicious steak and ale pies.

Ren: Eh, not bad, but I still think these pies could be better. 

Nova: (internal) Ren is crazy! These things are out of this world!!!

Mendel: As they wrapped up their meal, Xarion began to explain their mission.

Xarion: Tomorrow you’ll meet your third classmate. She lives in a small village called Greywood near the western mountains. I think she’ll be able to teach you both quite a lot, she’s level 3.

Nova: Level 3?

Xarion: Oh I suppose you don’t know about this yet, Nova. Registered sorcerers are all assigned levels based on their power, skill, and mastery of their Legacy and Myst. For example, Nova, you’re level 1.

Nova: WHAT!? Level ONE?

Xarion: And Ren is level 2. See, I’ll show you. Kaida!

Mendel: A small puff of purple smoke appeared on Xarion’s shoulder. As it cleared, his pseudodragon was perched on his shoulder. A leatherbound book in her front claws.

Xarion: Thanks, Kaida.

Mendel: And as soon as she appeared, she poofed away blah blah blah

Ren: Level 2? *tsk* maybe based on what I’ve shown you so far. I aint interested in what some book has to say about me. Real world impressions are all that matter.

Nova: Wait, what’s the highest level a sorcerer can get to?

Xarion: Oh, it’s 20. But pretty much no one ever gets there.

Nova: Well, what’s YOUR level?

Xarion: 13. But I may level up to 14 soon, after a big event. I think I’m due for a level now that you mention it.

Nova: Let me see that book!

Mendel: Nova flipped through the pages until she found her entry. It was just as Xarion said, a large red one glaring at her from the page.

Nova: I guess that makes sense... I did JUST get a legacy... I wonder... B... B...Briskwind...Boldbank...BLOODWEAVER. Wait, SHE’S LEVEL 3?! SERIOUSLY?

Xarion: Alright, that’s enough, you’ll torture yourself. Go get some rest! We head out at first light. And make sure you wear your change of clothes, we’re going to be traveling incognito tomorrow.

Nova: Why?

Xarion: We don’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves, especially near the mountains. We aren’t exactly on the best terms with Stoneshale, so it’s best not to draw their attention near the border. *sigh* Look at me, I went and ordered too much food again. Does anyone else want anything?

Grumble: I’m starving, I’ll take that if you’re done.

Mendel: The ogre reached for Ren’s plate, little did he know, Ren had added a few extra spices of his own.

Ren: Oh I wouldn't touch that if I were you. I added my own special spice rub to it. It tastes fantastic but it’s pretty spicy.

Grumble: I think I’ll be fine, little man.

Mendel: Grumble took a large bite of the pie in an attempt to show off. All it took was a few seconds before the Orc started to cry out in agony

Grumble: Ahhhhh, water!!! Beer!!!! An ice spell, anything?!!! Somebody get me something!!!

Xarion: Here are your keys, you both have rooms upstairs, I’m gonna catch up with Selina, I’ll see you down here for breakfast.

Mendel: They all went to bed. Although Nova was physically exhausted, she couldn’t help but feel excited that for the first time in years, she felt like she might actually be able to make her dream come true. She fell asleep thinking about her father, as the sounds of clinking flagons and bawdy laughter continued through the night. The next morning, Nova went downstairs to see Xarion sitting at the bar eating breakfast. He was wearing a dark grey doublet with a black undershirt. She was wearing a light blue, long sleeved blouse with light brown breeches, held up with suspenders.

Xarion: Morning, have you seen Ren yet?

Ren: Right here, teach!

Mendel: Ren appeared at the top of the stairs, his cape billowing as usual. However, he was still shirtless.

Nova: Aren’t we supposed to wear different clothing?

Ren: I did, I’m wearing my black pants!

Nova: Leave it to that knuckle head to miss the idea that we are supposed to look unassuming. Although I will say the black pants and white boots do look really cool together.

Xarion: It’s fine, I don’t think we can make Ren stand out any less than he already does. Now eat up, we need to hit the road.

Nova: Can I ask a question? Why don’t we just teleport there?

Xarion: Fair point, but my power gets a little tricky if I teleport more than two people. I might put the bodies back together wrong. You don’t want Ren’s arm coming out of your head, do you?

Ren: What’s wrong with that? Sounds like an improvement to me

Nova: That’s horrifying.

Xarion: That’s why you need to eat, it’s a full day’s walk.

Mendel: After a delicious breakfast, they hit the trail heading west. Every few hours they would take a short rest, but they kept a steady pace through the woods. Xarion was fond of giving small lectures here and there as he saw fit, telling them about certain herbs or creatures they would see. The sun was beginning to set as they reached the foothills of the mountain. As they neared their destination, some movement caught Xarion’s eye in the trees.

Ren: Look, all I’m sayin is there is no way an Owlbear would lose a fight to some glorified illusionist like a Displacer Beast.

Nova: Keep dreamin! Owlbears are strong but a Displacer Beast would be dancing circles around it.

Xarion: Hmm, Eight? They can probably handle that.

Nova: Handle what?

Mendel: Nova turned to look at Xarion, but he was gone.


Ren: Shh, quiet, we’re not alone.

Mendel: At that moment, a group of bandits leapt down from the trees all around them.

Nova (counting): One, two, three, four...WAIT, there’s EIGHT?!

Ren: *sigh* Looks like these guys are barely even goons. Though there are a lot of them. Good thing I've got you here Twinkles. I’m great and all but I have trouble against too many at once.

Grongo: Muahahaha, you fools! You have crossed paths with us, the Chosen Bandits! We were once so weak, but now we have strength of magic on our side! Fear us!! Fear our magic items!! Fear our strength in numbers!! We’ll take every piece of gold you’ve got! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA [go ham on this laugh]

Ren: hmm alright, I’ll take the loud mouth and the two chumps next to him. Once I get started hit the rest of em with the light show.

Nova: O..Okay!

Grongo: I shall go first, I GRONGO THE GREAT, I shall use the power in this hat to DESTROY YOU. Prepare yourself, for this shall be your final moment on this eaaaarth!!! MAGIC, COME TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Mendel: Grongo put his left hand to his head, calling upon the magic within the hat. His face looked almost pained in concentration. He outstretched his right hand and a light summoned, getting brighter and brighter. With a poof, the light went out and in Grongo’s outstretched hand... there was a rat.


Mendel: Little did Grongo know, the hat of vermin was a finicky magical item. It allows the user to summon, but not command creatures. The rat promptly scurried off into the woods.

Awkward sound

Ren: You done?

Mendel: Ren dashed forward and punched Grongo in the face.

Grongo: UGH! (anime pain sound, shivering sounds)

Ren: Frozen Fist!!!

Mendel: In one hit it was over, the head goon lay shivering on the ground covered in a layer of frost.

Ren: Sorry to put your boss on ice, guess I should have you guys keep him company! Taser Grip!

Mendel: The scene erupted into chaos as Ren engaged with the remaining goons.

Nova: Now it's up to ME to take out a bunch of ya with one big BLAST! Prepare yourself for an ASTRAAAAAAAAL BEAM!

Mendel: Nova focused her attention inward once more to charge up a powerful blast. She extended her hand toward the gang

Her attack fizzles. Insert sputtering sound effect.

Mendel: A small beam of light shot out of her hand, for about two feet

Nova: As... Astral beam?

Ren: Aww common kid we worked on this! *sigh* If we survive this, we are gonna have to double your training routine.

Mendel: One of the bandits made a lunge at Nova.

Nova: Come on, power...WORK! (Internal) What are you doing, are you stopping my attack?

Lady In Darkness: I was trying to nap, you should be able to do this on your own. These men are hardly worth my attention.

Mendel: Nova tried again, but nothing but a few sparks and fizzles

Lady in Darkness: Ohhhhhh, this is just embarrassing. What a waste of my beautiful power.

Nova: If you’re not gonna help, then be quiet!

Mendel: After one more attempt, Nova began to run.

Nova: AH! REN, HELP!

But Ren was still in the middle of fighting his share of the bandits.

Ren: Crap, Twinkles!

Briar: Looks like you could use some help.

Just as a goon was about to strike Nova, a vine wrapped around his ankle and flung him into the air. Briar Nightshade. Legacy: Botany. She is able to grow and manipulate plant life.

Briar: HEY! Don’t just stand there, do something!

Nova: Watch out! There’s another one over-

As a bandit lunged at Briar with his greataxe, a vine shot out of the ground to uppercut him.

Briar: Yeah, I’m aware.

Mendel: The goons run in to attack Briar. She sweeps her arms from side to side as she does, vines burst from the earth like tentacles. With precise, yet graceful gestures, Briar commands the vines’ movements. The vines constrict around the four goons and swiftly pull them aside, binding them to nearby trees.

Briar (to Ren): I take it you can handle the last one? Or do I need to do that, too?

Ren: *tsk* showoff. (punch final goon in throat)

Fight Music ends

Mendel: Briar shook the ruffians upside down to relieve them of their magical items.

Briar: Are any of these helpful to you, Professor Xarion?

Mendel: Xarion walked out from behind a nearby tree to inspect the loot.

Xarion: Yes! I’ll be taking these back with us. Although these are some low rated dolts, I’m curious who gave them these items. Ren, nice work! Nova, looks like we need to work on your skill under pressure.


Xarion: Of course, I sized them up pretty quickly, I wanted to see what you two could do in a field test. Think of it as a pop quiz. I didn’t expect Briar to show up. Speaking of, Briar, meet the other members of Class Red; Ren and Nova.

Nova: Yes! That was really amazing! Thank you for all your help. Wow, and you’re already level three. No wonder you were able to take out so many of them in just one swoop!

Ren: Look I had it handled ok!.... But…. thanks for saving Twinkles

Briar: Of course, it was simple. Like something a child could handle.

Ren: Grrrrr… I'm gonna walk ahead to scout so we don't get jumped again.

Mendel: and with a grumble Ren stormed off 

Ren: (fading as he walked away) Little smart ass, I’ll show you simple. I'm just hungry that's all next time i'll take on 10, no 20 goons all on my own, see how she likes that. (Don't use all of this line when editing Zach)

Xarion: *sigh* I should probably go talk to him before he sulks for the next few days. You two can hold up the rear, use this time to get acquainted.

Mendel: and just like that Nova was once again left with a stranger.

Nova: um...thank you for helping me out.

Briar: It would have been more of a nuisance watching you fail miserably.

Nova: How did you get so powerful?!

Briar: I, uh...wait. You don’t know who I am?

Nova: Yeah, you’re Briar Nightshade, my classmate!

Briar: Yes...yes I am. I...I thought my reputation would have given myself away. 

Nova: O...k. Well, I’m sorry I’ve never heard of you, but your legacy is incredible! The way you just swept the floor with those guys!

Briar: Like I said, it was all child’s play.

Nova: How long have you had your legacy? I’m actually pretty new to-

Briar: Look, we’re classmates, not friends. I don’t need to know your back story, I just need you to start carrying your own weight, got it? If it’s going to be three years of me picking up your slack, I’m going to ask for a class transfer.

Mendel: Briar picked up the pace to catch up with Xarion and Ren. Nova stopped in her tracks.

Nova: Being friends would sure make things a lot easier.

Xarion: Nova, c’mon! We’re almost there!

Nova: Oh, right, coming!

Mendel: Meanwhile, in a cave not far from our heroes.

Bandit: Did we steal anything? Are you kidding me, I barely made it out of there.

Mendel: The badly bruised and beaten minion was cowering before a figure sitting in the dark.

Skarn: And you say they were children? How pathetic.

Bandit: They were sorcerers! That vine girl was there, she helped this buff kid with a pompadour and some girl with a sun tattoo on her hand! 

Skarn: Wait, a sun tattoo? Did she have lavender hair?

Bandit: Yeah. Why, do you know her?

Skarn: No, but I know Foundation is after her. Hmm, this might not have been such a bad day after all. This might be just what I need to get back in his good graces.

Mendel: The figure leaned forward to reveal himself in the fading sunlight. He was a thin yet muscular man wearing the tan sorcerer uniform of Stoneshale, the neighboring great city. He had long, wild blonde hair, and on his face was a sandstone mask, once broken, but repaired with thick iron rivets.

Skarn: I’ll show him, he’ll see! He’ll see that he needs me. Flint, come here.

Flint: Yeah, boss.

Skarn: I have a little errand for you...

Nova: NEXT TIME ON WARLOCK. Class Red arrives in Greywood to find that suspicious activities have been going on around the area. Xarion decides to keep the class in town for a week to start classes off campus.

Ren: Ahhh nice to be away from that stuffy school. Nature is my element.

Briar: Ha. I’d say it’s more my element than yours, cape boy.

Ren: Alright thats it, there is no way i can go another episode without fighting her!

Nova: ANYWAY! Episode 4, Xarion’s Test: Teacher vs Students, on Warlock!