Episode 5

 Warlock Episode 5 - Equilibrium

Nova: Warlock, Episode 5, Equilibrium 

Mendel: Flint, the blazing sorcerer sent to retrieve Nova stood face to face with Xarion in the middle of the training field. A gentle wind blew down from the mountain as they stood motionless in the grass. Xarion’s hands, now free of the gauntlets, were fully visible; but instead of being red like the rest of his body, one hand was white and the other pitch black.  Suddenly, Flint dashed forward at Xarion.

Flint: Let’s see just what you can do, Tiefling. I’d prefer we get this over with quickly.

Xarion: Oh c’mon, let’s have a little fun with it!

Mendel: The two began to engage in hand to hand combat, sizing each other up as they traded punches and kicks. Meanwhile, Class Red ran back into the field from the trees to get a better view of the fight. 

Xarion: You're fast, but your punches lack power. I’d say you need to focus on your strength.

Flint: Don’t talk to me like one of your students, it’s such a bore.

Xarion: Now let’s check your constitution!

Mendel: Xarion swiftly kicked Flint in the gut, sending him flying. He crashed into the ground with a tremendous thud.

Nova: They’re over there! C’mon, let’s go!

Briar: And what exactly are we going to be able to do to help?

Nova: I don’t know, but it’s better than standing here doing nothing!

Ren: I’m with Twinkles, plus I hate missing out on a fight!

Briar: Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Mendel: Flint slowly rose to his feet, dusting himself off. 

Flint: Looks like we have an audience now, mind if I show off a little?

Xarion: Class, stay back, I don’t want you to get hurt.

Mendel: Flint once again dashed at him, but this time it was twice as fast as before. He grabbed at Xarion, missing his arm, but managed to get a hold of his sleeve.

Flint: Ignition!

Mendel: In the blink of an eye, Xarion’s sorcerer uniform went up in flames as a flash of fire shot into the sky. Xarion quickly dashed backward away from Flint, the light chainmail shirt he was wearing underneath now visible.

Ren: That’s the same thing he tried to do to me! 

Briar: And he almost did more than singe your cape.

Nova: It looks like anything he touches with his hands gets lit on fire! It doesn’t help that he's so quick, too.

Xarion: You certainly are fast, I’ll give you that! But I’m still faster.

Flint: I underestimated you, that’s a mistake I won’t be making again.

Mendel: Xarion and Flint began to move at speeds so intense, Nova was having trouble keeping up with her eyes. 

Nova: Whoa, that speed! It’s incredible!

Ren: Damn him, he was holding back a lot against me!

Briar: This sorcerer must be at least a level 8, maybe 9. It’s a good thing Xarion is a much higher level.

Flint: Let’s see if you can dodge this!

Mendel: Flint slammed his hand down on the ground and in seconds, most of the training field was ignited. As a blast of heat and fire neared Class Red, Briar lept in front of Ren and Nova and put her hands to the ground.

Briar: Get behind me!

Mendel: A dense oak barrier shot out of the ground around them, shielding them from the heat.

Nova: Briar, that was incredible! (Internal) Ugh, I feel so useless, what can I do to help?

Lady: Just focus on staying alive. These two are on a whole other level from the three of you, even Briar knows you’re outclassed.

Nova: I could try shooting some blasts from here!

Lady: You would only get in Xarion’s way. Besides, I don’t think you should be drawing too much attention to yourself right now. That fire starter is here for you after all.

Nova: I know, but I just can’t leave them.

Lady: The amount of myst your instructor has compared to this fool is substantial, I wouldn’t worry about him too much. 


Nova: How do you know? Can you sense it?

Lady: I can see it. It’s a gift that isn’t very common these days.

Mendel: A raging inferno blazed on the field, the two sorcerers obscured completely by the flames.

Xarion: You’ve never fought a Tiefling before, have you? The heat doesn’t  bother us too much. Seems like this is a bad match-up for you, isn’t it?

Mendel: Xarion grabbed a small piece of obsidian from a pouch on his belt and slammed it down on the ground.

Xarion: Level 3 Transmutation: Erupting Earth!

Mendel: A fountain of stone and earth ruptured out of the ground directly underneath Flint, throwing rock and dirt flying into the air. He quickly lept  from stone to stone as they flew through the air, keeping his footing. The fire extinguished as the training field became covered in dust from Xarion’s attack. From the smoke and ash, flaming pieces of stone flew towards Xarion as he leapt out of the cloud back onto solid ground. A small mountain of debris was now visible as the flames subsided, Flint perched at the top holding a large rock in his hand.

Flint: I admit, you almost got me with that one! You think I’m only good in close combat? Well try this!

Mendel: Flint lit up the rock with fire and hurled it at Xarion with incredible speed. Xarion once again held out his left hand to intercept it. As it touched his palm, his entire hand became engulfed.

Flint: Ha, you idiot, I can transfer my fire from one item to the other, even blocking won’t help you!

Mendel: The flame on Xarion’s hand quickly vanished into thin air, as well as stony projectile.

Flint: What the hell, how did you…?

Mendel: Xarion’s right hand began to glow with a dim white light, barely noticeable in the midday sun.

Xarion: As you can see, I’m not too worried about it!

Flint: (internal) Some kind of energy absorption legacy, huh? But it only seems to work with that left hand. I’ll have to make sure I hit him when he can’t block.

Xarion: It’s no use trying to figure me out, this battle is done.

Flint: Dammit, I think I’m going to have to use THAT item.

Mendel: Flint removed a ring from his pouch and slipped it on his finger.

Xarion: Students, are you ok?

Nova: We’re fine, Briar shielded us from the-

Mendel: Before Nova could finish speaking, she saw a blur of movement as Flint almost instantaneously reached Xarion from across the field. Xarion was just barely able to get his guard up to block a punch.

Xarion: What? How did you increase your speed this much?

Flint: This handy little ring lets me double my speed, but it wears me out, so I don’t like using it that much. I’d better end this quickly.

Mendel: Flint began attacking Xarion once again, but this time, all Xarion could do was block. Suddenly, Xarion caught Flint’s arms at the wrist, his hands just inches away from his face.

Xarion: Got you! Your timing was a little tricky to work out, but as long as I keep these palms away from me, I should be fine. Ren! You’re the fastest, go get Felix and have them bring out some anti-magic shackles!

Flint: You aren’t gonna kill me, huh?

Xarion: You’ll be coming back to Oakvale with us to answer some questions.

Flint: You think you have it all worked out, don’t you? I like to use my palms to ignite things, but I can do it however I like.

Mendel: Flint twisted his arms to gain leverage and pulled Xarion closer to him, colliding with him in a headbutt.

Flint: Ignition

Mendel: Xarion’s entire body became engulfed in white hot flames, hot enough to melt the stone around them. Nova could see the silhouette of her instructor through the flames drop to his knees, then to the ground.

Flint: Tieflings have resistance to fire, not immunity. I know more than you think.

Nova: Xarion, no!

Ren: Teach!

Briar: Nova, you have to get out of here now. You’re the reason he’s here!

Ren: Dammit, we should have done something.

Briar: Ren and I can hold him off, go find Felix.

Nova: I’m not leaving you two! There’s no way you can beat him.

Briar: I never said we could, now GO!

Mendel: Just as quickly as the flames appeared, they vanished, Xarion’s body on the ground, hidden underneath a thick plume of smoke.

Flint: I’m worn out already, you gave me more trouble than I expected. Not a bad fight though. Now, girl, come with me quietly and I won’t hurt your friends.

Ren: Yeah, but I’m gonna hurt YOU.

Mendel: Ren kicked at Flint, but he dodged blah blah blah

Flint: I was going to toast your plant friend first, but why not get you out of the way.

Xarion: I have such a bad habit of holding back too much. I guess the drawback of training students! But I have to thank you, that was the most fun I’ve had in years.

Mendel: Flint turned to see Xarion, still smoldering from his attack, but unscathed.

Flint: Impossible, I torched you.

Xarion: I admit, that one stung, but it was worth it to absorb all that fire. Now let me show you MY power.

Mendel: Xarion raised his right hand, which was now glowing as intensely as the sun above them. A red hot beam of energy shot out of his index finger at Flint, who was unable to completely dodge out of the way in time. The beam sliced through Flint’s arm, severing it cleanly from the rest of his body. The sheer heat from the slice sealed his wound shut immediately.

Flint scream?

Xarion: That was your last attack, I simply compressed it down into a single beam. 

Mendel: Flint looked down in disbelief, but before he could even process what happened, Xarion grabbed hold of his other arm with both his hands.

Xarion: Now to deal with this one.

Mendel: In a flash, Flint’s arm began to shimmer in the sunlight, his entire arm transmuted into solid lead. Flint collapsed to the ground with the weight of his new metal appendage 

Flint: You bastard, I’ll kill you for this!

Mendel: Xarion did one more thing to stop him from escaping/ add gag. Felix and a few recruits came dashing out of the dormitory to help.

Felix: Everyone alright?

Nova: We’re fine, just a little shook up after all that.

Ren: We thought you were a goner, Teach. That was some quick thinking playing dead.

Xarion: Actually, I wasn’t playing dead, He burned my clothes off and I made some new ones while he was distracted.

Nova: Seriously?

Xarion: Yeah, it was a little embarrassing! 

Briar: What was that power, Professor Xarion?

Xarion: I guess I owe you all an explanation. This is my legacy, I call it Equilibrium. With my left hand I’m able to absorb matter and energy, and with my right, I’m able to shape and rearrange it however I see fit! When I touch something with both at the same time, I’m able to transmute it instantaneously, like our friend’s new arm.

Nova: That’s how you turned the ground to stone when you were fighting Briar!

Ren: That's incredible! But why the heavy gloves?

Xarion: Those help me contain my power a little more easily, even after having my legacy for so long, I still can lose control of it. Speaking of, I’d better put those back on…if I can find them. Oh, I’ve got a little energy left, I should probably put a shirt on, too!

Mendel: Xarion stretched his right arm into the air, and as the glowing faded from his hand, a sorcerer jacket manifested into thin air. He quickly caught it and put it on. As he walked towards the destroyed field, a recruit ran up to the three students with a healer’s kit. A man with thick green goggles and slicked back brown hair knelt down next to Nova. He was average height and build, and was dressed in a brown vest and green tie.

Indy: Are you all ok? We were all watching from the dorms, that fight was incredible! Oh, I’m Indysseus, by the way. But you can call me Indy.

Nova: Hi, Indy! I’m Nova, that’s Briar, and he’s-

Ren: Name Ren how ya doing? 

Indy: Are any of you hurt? I’ve got a healer’s kit.

Nova: I’m fine, how are you after that hit, Ren?

Ren: Like Teach said, that guy had no power to his punches.

Nova: Briar, you ok?

Mendel: Briar lifted up her sleeve to reveal a burn on her forearm.

Briar: It’s nothing I can’t handle.

Indy: You’re burned! Please, let me help you.

Briar: I said I’m fine!

Mendel: Briar stormed off towards the dormitory.

Nova: Wait!

Ren: Let her go, Twinkles, she got beat twice today, let her sort that out on her own. I’m sure she’ll come around.

Nova: All three of us were no match for that guy, why is she taking it so personally?

Indy: Her mom would have beaten that guy in a few seconds. She’s incredible.

Nova: Didn’t her mom, you know, kill a bunch of recruits?

Indy: Oh yeah, so many! But you have to recognize talent when you see it! And you three are TALENTED.

Nova: Thank you, that’s the encouragement we need right now. Are you a sorcerer?

Indy: I am! Not anywhere close in power to you all, but I’m working on it!

Mendel: Felix and Mendel walked over to the group.

Felix: Xarion and I thought best to have the three of you stay here with me while he takes our captive friend into town. I’ll be your substitute teacher for a day or two!

Xarion: Felix is a pro at the basics of sorcery, something I think you all could use a class or two on.

Nova: You’re not even going to teach us now that class has officially started?

Xarion: I’ll be back in a day or two! You’re in good hands, trust me.Oh, Ren, can you find that ring? We’ll take that home with us, too.

Ren: Sure thing, where is it?

Nova: I think it’s on that arm over there…

Mendel: Xarion grabbed Flint’s shoulders, anti magic shackles now around his ankles, and gave the students a wave.

Xarion: Later!

Mendel: And with the snap of his fingers, he was gone.

Indy: Wow, teleportation! That’s amazing, does he do that a lot?

Ren and Nova: Yes.

Felix: Indy, you’ve already introduced yourself to the class, why don’t you bring them to the dorms and get them set up, introduce them to some of the other recruits?

Indy: Of course! Follow me. The others are gonna love you.

Ren: Hey, this could be fun! First thing’s first though, where’s the kitchen. Nova, c’mon!

Nova: Er, right! Phew, I'm exhausted, but at least we don’t have to deal with any more ex-sorcerers, right?

Mendel: Perched on a cliff overlooking the training field, a lone figure stood, dark brown cloak fluttering in the wind. MORE ABOUT SKARN

Skarn: That fool, I give him one simple job and he botches it. I’ll deal with his incompetence later, I’ll take care of this myself.


Warlock Episode 5, Equilibrium. Nova is voiced by Claire Clauson. Ren by Nick Akins, Briar by Jackie Webb, the Lady in Darkness by Tamara Dearing. Felix by Layla Ortiz, Indy by Wilbo Baggins, and Xarion and Mendel by Zachary Burrell. Flint’s legacy was created by Graem at @g_bloodworth on twitter. Special thanks to Wizards of the Coast. Music from Epidemic Sounds. A Pact & Boon podcast. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at Warlockdnd for announcements and artwork. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review on your preferred platform. Thank you for listening. 

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