Meet the Cast

Claire Clauson - Nova

Claire is a New York based actor, artist, and cosplayer. They love anime, manga, D&D, and creating art! 

In addition to voicing Nova, Claire is the resident artist, drawing illustrations to accompany each episode as well as designing many of the characters.

Nick Akins - Ren

Nick is a New York based actor/singer. He enjoys a plethora of anime and manga, as well as a passion for video games. He also helps write and design some of the combat scenes for Warlock.

He voices Ren and Balthazar

Jackie Webb - Briar

Tamara Dearing - The Lady

Shelby Hall - Kira

Zachary Burrell - Creator

Zachary Burrell is a Louisville based actor and photographer, who is also the writer and producer of Warlock.

He voices Xarion, Mendel, Moonstone, and Timmory